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New U is an innovative human development strategy that equips individuals to create a new reality by unlocking their potential.

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The New U English Track is the edition for in-person English speakers in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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The New U Español Track is the edition for in-person Spanish speakers in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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The New U Global Track is the virtual edition for National and International individuals.

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The New U Veterans Track is the virtual edition for U.S. Veterans.

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New U is a life-changing methodology that helps individuals to:

Adopt a new mindset.

Realize their full potential.

Become their best selves.

The New U way.

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The challenges we tackle and solve may surface in a variety of ways. The longer these challenges remain unmet, the harder it becomes to solve them.

Common challenges we solve are:


  • Are you experiencing deep anxiety about a decision?
  • Do you feel paralyzed by the unknown?
  • Is there something you’re not doing that is well within your potential?

Lethargy / burnout

  • Am I genuinely interested and engaged in my work?
  • What aspects of my work bring me fulfillment and joy?
  • Am I actualizing my full capability?

Lack of motivation

  • Do I have long-term goals and a sense of purpose for my life?
  • Can I reframe challenges as opportunities for growth?
  • Do you often procrastinate due to a lack of motivation?

Unclear pathways

  • How adaptable am I to change and unexpected opportunities?
  • What are my unique skills and strengths?
  • How can I leverage my strengths in different areas of my life?

Career pivots

  • Have I considered making adjustments to my career path or goals?
  • How well does my current career align with my values?
  • How does a new career align with my desired work-life balance?

Life transitions

  • In what ways can I contribute to something larger than myself?
  • What activities or pursuits ignite a sense of passion in me?
  • How can I break down large goals into actionable steps?

Our Triple-Win Outcome

Using New U methods, everybody wins!

Your unique value.

A spark to pursue your future.

A clearer path forward.

Happy graduates.

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Cohort 1

J. Montana Cain, Ph.D

Cohort 1

J. Montana Cain, Ph.D

“New U helped me transition fully from an antelope to a lion. The connections, insight, and skills provided the final push that I needed to start my own business as well as pursue other goals.”

Cohort 4

Lydia Jeong

Cohort 4

Lydia Jeong

"New U has played a pivotal role in my journey as a 24-year-old entrepreneur, empowering me to successfully launch two digital marketing and creative businesses. The unique curriculum and program experience has led me to navigate my early career life with nothing but grit! New U has truly fostered my personal growth; to root identity into my values and life map. This experience has shaped my trajectory to carve a path, be surrounded with a New U support system, and thrive."

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